CFS™ Version 4.0

July 15, 2017, XGforce.COM announced the shipment of CFS™, the Clustered File System for heterogeneous computer architectures on the Internet. 

CFS™ distributes and replicates files and directories in "real time" across Internet through encrypted high speed communication channels with high ratio data compression. It handles file and directory additions, deletions, and attributes changes propagate across heterogeneous networks on the Internet, and compresses data up to observed 7.3 times smaller before pipelining across Internet/Cloud. SSL Encryption support is available.

The CFS™ Cluster works with heterogeneous file systems of OSes and computer architectures across Internet and Intranet. Currently CFS™ supports SUN SPARC, FreeBSD, Linux and Windows.

CFS™ software provides Internet Content Management for load balanced Internet Web Servers, File Servers, Application Servers. It automatically and in "real time", distributes Internet Content across Internet in a scattered heterogeneous network environment through its encrypted high speed communication channel.

Clustered File System
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