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Network Product Headlines
Load Balancer
Driven by 64bit Dual Xeon/AMD CPU, latest DDR ECC Memory Technology  with Xgforce 64bit embedded Unix OS with integrated latest 64bit eCluster™ and CFS™ for large scale content and application delivery Cloud network with location awareness.
Load Balancer 720
xNAS™ - Network Storage
Driven by 64bit Dual, Quad Xeon/AMD CPU, latest DDR ECC Memory Technology, SATA/SAS Hot swappable Network Storage from 1U - 4U, with Xgforce embedded Unix OS with state of the art ZFS RAID,
  • Native handling of standard RAID levels and additional ZFS RAID layouts "RAIDZ"
  • On-the-fly file compression - save huge amount of space if lot of text file stored
  • File de-duplication
  • Native handling of snapshots and backup/replication
  • Efficient rebuilding of RAID arrays
  • facilitates very high cache hit levels
  • caching strategies
  • Native handling of tiered storage and caching devices
  • Automated and (usually) silent self-healing of data inconsistencies and write failure when detected
Network Storage - NAS
eCluster™ 4
July 1, 2017, Xgforce announced the shipment of 64bit eCluster™ 4 designed for .COM and ISP. The eCluster™ 4, with our ground-breaking CFS™, a Clustered File System, is by far the most advanced clustering solutions for UNIX and NT in the market.
eCluster Load Balancing Software
xEngine™, a Powerful Internet Search Engine
April 29, 2017, Xgforce announced the shipment of 64bit xEngine™ software product. xEngine™ is an Internet Search Engine product which is composed by several advanced search engine component. These include a database server component, a CGI Interface component, and an Extended Natural Query Language component.
xRouter™, Fast Enterprise Router with Firewall and VPN
July 1, 2017, Xgforce announced the shipment of 64bit xRouter™ product series. xRouter™ is featured by latest technology, such as highest speed Xeon CPU, large DDR4 memory to store BGP Internet routing tables, hardware ssl/crypt acceleration, 10G and 40G copper/fiber Ethernet, power efficiencies.
Network Router Switch
CFS™ 4.0
July 15, 2017, Xgforce announced the shipment of CFS™ 4, the clustered file system for heterogeneous computer architectures on the Internet.
Clustered File System cfs software
OS2000™ UNIX V4 Cluster Edition
OS2000™ UNIX Server, Cluster Edition, is available for shipment.
ASP Integrators eCluster™ software can be integrated into other client/server software applications to add the power of fail safe and load balance. Companies/Developers who are interested, please contact us at sales.

Resellers/investors may contact us at info.
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