xRouter™ Feature Highlight:
  • 4 in 1 router for T1 and T3 enterprise network with integrated clustering, Firewall and VPN.
  • Routing protocols such as RIP2, OSPF, and BGP.
  • Connect directly to any other standard router (such as Cisco Systems) via point to point line or Frame Relay network with full support for running Frame Relay, Cisco HDLC and PPP.
  • Direct Connect Compatible with all Cisco Routers.
  • With 4 port Load Balancing on any number of T1 lines.
  • Physical MTUs to 5000 bytes (for Cisco's 4770 MTU).
  • Compatible with both Cisco HDLC and Frame Relay.
  • Stateful as well as stateless load balancing.
  • Multiple load balance algorithm and rules such as system CPU usage, load average, weighted load average, VM usage, round trip time.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) forming Enterprise Private Networks.
  • IP Security Policies controlling packet origination/destination and IP options, preventing IP spoofing and attacks from the Internet, protecting Enterprise Private Networks.
  • Transparent cache accelerates the Internet content access speed and saves precious Enterprise Internet bandwidth. Basic hardware configuration supports 19G cache.
  • IPSec and SSL Encrypted Communication Channels.
  • Remote Power Control.
  • Redundant Power supplies.
  • Hardware built by customers' spec.

Special Hardware Options
  • 4 Full T1/E1 Ports up to 20 T1 / E1 Ports

Electrical Interfaces
  • V.35, EIA-530, X.21 and RS-232 (V.24)
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